Career in Engineering

Nitin Bhor
June 22 2022

6 Min Read

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This blog is for the students of the 12th standard who are always in the dilemma of what they should be doing after boards. The situation is understandable as this is the stage which will decide the future of the student according to his/her interests and depth of knowledge of a particular field. A plethora of different career options in different fields with their choices and interests are available.

The best option which many students take and make their future bright is Engineering. To come into engineering firstly they have to go through examinations like JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and CET (Common Entrance Test). In today’s age, the demand in the field of engineering is increasing drastically. With the applied science, innovations and the advancement in every field i.e., right from the health care industry to the automotive industry, engineers have a great amount of contribution towards it. The overall intellectual development of the student due to the coursework and comprehensive syllabi helps the students to handle the pressure more effectively and give an efficient output at the same time. The career of an engineer is interesting as it keeps you on the edge of excelling in every field and making a great contribution to society. Along with all these aspects, the engineer gets respect from the society because engineers are working in every part of the world and making their contributions throughout. As an engineer, you get a highly paid job in various industries along with financial securities. Thus, the chance to grow yourself, flourish yourself and mark your value and presence is what engineering offers to its students.

As now we have discussed why students should opt for engineering, here we will discuss some of the mistakes that engineering students should avoid while pursuing it.

1. Many of the students tend to focus on the marks, the CGPA. Yes, CGPA matters a lot in every field but the depth of the knowledge, the concepts and the practical knowledge of the things are more important as compared to CGPA. A smart student always knows that CGPA is one of the factors to pass one of the levels but to get into good companies the conceptual knowledge should be strong.

2. Many of the students don’t go for internships and thus they firstly block their way towards getting a prior experience of the work schedule in the industries.

3. We all have the habit of just studying for the exams i.e., rote learning or just studying a day before the exam. This truly will not make any sense as it will only be in your temporary memory and you will be unable to think of it for any applications in an innovative way.

4. Being shy or not communicating can hinder your growth. Communicating wisely and interacting with people is an important aspect in every field. Communication is how you can express your ideas and use them effectively.

5. The Internet is a boon for our generation. But it is not being used effectively as many of us just waste our time using different social media platforms. Using the internet, the skills can be enhanced. Different coding skills, as well as different concepts, can be cleared by using various resources on the internet.